Mom Spots Cop Pouring Sweat From Walking The Beach, Quickly Realizes Why

In this day and age, it is nice to hear a story about cops doing something nice for someone. Not that they do not do good deeds every day, it is just that all we hear about in the media are the bad interactions.

So in that spirit, we wanted to share a story with you about a couple of cops who went out of their way to help a little kid find his family. And this story is sure to soften your heart and make you smile.

A young woman was on vacation in Pensacola Florida when she saw a couple of cops doing something most unusual. Like every good citizen reporter with a camera phone, she took pictures to document what she was seeing. Since she posted them to Facebook, the images have gone viral.

Jessica Barnes was on vacation, and sunning herself at the beach in the popular tourist town of Pensacola. She suddenly saw a couple of uniformed deputies walking up and down the beach. They were covered in sweat, partially from the ninety seven degree day, and partially because of what they were doing.


The two officers were carrying a small boy on their shoulders. The little guy had gotten separated from his family, so they were helping him get reunited. The kid still had his green floaties as he bobbed up and down on the fully uniformed officer’s shoulders.

Accompanying her pictures of the do-gooders in action, Barnes wrote:

“Notice both deputies in full uniform, and probably dying of sweat but relentless to find his family. Once back with his mom the deputies gave the boy his own sheriff badge, new sunglasses, and a beach ball for the day. Let’s share this post to show how awesome these guys are! Thank you officers – I won’t tell anyone you are actually angels cleverly disguised as sweaty police officers. Bless your slightly scuffed hearts.”


The posting has gotten a ton of comments from people.

“Wish people posted more good things about people rather than ALL the negative.”- Laura Terfehn

“bless the men in blue and bless the men in the fire truck too”- Linda Nobles

“Stuff like this happens every day, it just doesn’t get reported! Job well done!”-Jim Tunks


“There’s bad guys and good guys, then there’s the really good guys like these, who go above and beyond the call of duty. Well done guys”- Jaell Hadasah

“Every police officer’s week includes helping those that can’t help themselves such as children, elderly , people lost, broken down, or hurt in some way. I don’t know what we all would do without knowing they are there.”- Patricia DePeitro

“Why don’t we read about this in the lame stream media? I guess it doesn’t fit their agenda. God bless our law officers.”- Bob Troha

“God bless the men in blue, everywhere!!”- Brenda Hurlbut

When was the last time you witnessed a cop doing something like this? Have you ever received aid from a law enforcement officer when there was no crime involved? Please share your story with us here