Mom Notices Blisters On Daughter’s Hand, Horrified To Hear How Teachers Did This To Her

Every day, millions of parents trust teachers to do right by their children. They watch the school bus pick them up and take them to school where they have placed their trust in teachers and the American educational system.

But far too often, parents are left wanting. Theirchildren fail to get the education they deserve. They don’t learn as much as they need to to be competitive in the world economy. And in the case of Alma Gallegos of Red Oak, Texas, her daughter’s teachers forced her to perform a cruel punishment for being late to class…

Although students should be disciplined for being late to class, Gallegos is sickened by what her 11-year-old’s teacher made her daughter do as punishment for the mild offense.

But in Ellis County at the Red Oak Middle School, teachers administer odd forms of punishment that should have been left in the middle ages. And now Gallegos is reconsidering if she wants her daughter to attend the school with the barbaric punishment tactics.

Because Gallegos’s daughter and several of her other classmates were late to their sixth period physical education class, the instructor decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget.

Instead of giving the girls a warning, the gym teacher forced the 11-year-old girls to their knees. Then made them do bear crawls along the ground until the teacher was satisfied that they had learned their lesson.

Because the girls had to put their bare hands on the extremely hot turf of the school’s football field, their palms got burned. Because the outside temperature peaked at about 90-degrees that day, these girls were left with blisters and welts on the palms of their hands from the cruel and unusual form of punishment the gym teacher had administered.

The teacher forced the girls to go from the end zone to the field goal post back and forth at least six times. Although the 11-year-old were crying and in pain, the coach refused to offer an alternative form of punishment.

Every one of those girls left the field that day with big red burns on their palms from the hot football field turf.

According to Gallegos, her daughter said: “I tried to tell her that I burned my hands but she just told me to go back in line and do them again.”

Gallegos is the first to agree that the teacher should punish her daughter for being late, but she doesn’t agree that her daughter should be burned as a form of punishment.

“Run an extra lap, run an extra two laps. Why would you put them on turf? You get on the turf and you let me know how it feels.”

After the gym teacher learned what happened, a school administrator personally called each of the students’ parents to apologize. The school principal also wanted to know what happened, so he personally put his hands on the turf to realize how hot it really was.

The gym teacher has refused to apologize.

Gallegos’s daughter used ointment to deal with the burns. And the Texas mother is seriously disappointed in the middle school.

“I’ve gotten apologies from everyone else but [the coach] and an explanation as to why she did it. Some people may say, ‘Oh this generation, they’re crybabies.’ It’s not cry baby. It’s just that this isn’t the military. This is school.”

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