Mom holds lifeless newborn in her arms, but don’t take your eyes off his hand

An ad for a Thai baby product company has people on the Internet getting all teary-eyed for its message of hope and perseverance. The ad by Babi Mild, “A Mother’s Intuition,” centers around a mom in a hospital. She has just given birth to twins.When she goes to look at her twins in the delivery room, the twins are lying next to each other. One twin seems to have the spark of life. While the other isn’t moving very much.

The mom, scared by what she sees, picks up the lifeless looking twin. She holds him close and speaks words of encouragement to him while she weeps. The other people in the room, seeing what the grieving mother is doing, start to get emotional as well. As the mom continues to comfort the baby and cry, something miraculous happens– the once lifeless newborn begins to move. First his fingers curl up into a fist and then he starts crying his eyes out.

The video which is on YouTube, is going viral. It has more than 200,000 views and the comments on the video show just how powerful it is.
One YouTuber, K Dizzle said the video literally moved him to tears. He wrote, “Man, where are my tissues?” Another commenter, Vika turia, wrote “Aw that is the miracle and we can see how warm is the heart of a mother to get/his child.”


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