Mom finds a lump on her daughter’s belly. But a year later, this girl blows everyone away….

One year ago, Calysta Bevier from Grand Rapids, Ohio received devastating news. While on vacation, her mother noticed a lump on her stomach. When they went to the doctor, they were given the diagnosis: Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. She had to go through intense chemotherapy to try to kill the tumor.

YouTube/Global Talents
During the chemotherapy, Calysta’s hair started to rapidly fall out. “That was the day I think I cried the most,” she says. But despite the odds, she tried to stay positive while she was in the hospital. The one thing that got her through it? Music.
YouTube/Global Talents
When Calysta learns that she is in remission, she is beyond thankful. Her journey inspired her not to take life for granted and pursue her dream of singing. As she stands on the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’ she sings a song so filled with emotion that it brings the whole audience to tears.

At the end of her incredible performance, there’s only one thing left to do. Simon hits the Golden Buzzer and Calysta, the fighter, automatically moves on to the next round. She certainly deserves it!