Massive Baby Seat Recall. This Could Save A Loved One’s Child, What You Need To Know

Having a baby comes with a lot of stresses. Not only do you have to alter your life completely and revolve your world around the needs of a growing baby, but think about all the equipment that comes along with your new bundle of joy. High chairs, rockers, cribs, swings, carriers and car seats are just a few of the many needed items that are required to tote, rock, drive and fed your baby.

Out of all the baggage that comes along with your new baby, the car seat is probably the one that you will end up spending the most time analyzing and critiquing before you make the hefty purchase. Driving in a car can be nerve-wracking enough when you are by yourself, but throw a baby or a toddler in the back seat and the stress of the trip is automatically escalated. Like all the choices you make, you make the best decision that will provide safety for your baby so when choosing which car seat to purchase, you will most likely take a lot of time inspecting it and reading reviews. After all, depending on your lifestyle, your baby may be spending a lot of time in that carseat.

If you are on a mission to buy a carseat soon, or if you’ve bought one recently, beware of the Coccoro Convertible Child Restraint. Combi USA has recealled 39,395 of these seats between January 1, 2009 and June 29, 2016.

Why are they being recalled?

Evidently, when the seat is positioned in the forward-facing direction and secured with the lap belt, excessive force will be relayed to the child in the event of a crash. This drastic amount of force will increase the child’s chances of receiving an injury. Decision-makers involved with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) have deemed that the carseat does not comply with safety standards.

If you own this carseat and it is placed in the rear-facing position, you should be okay, as it only effects riders who are facing forward. The model number of the seat is: 8220.

For those who think they may have one of these carseats, Combi will notify owners and provide them with a cover to be added to the bottom of the seat, free of charge. Owners can also obtain more information by contacting Combi customer service at 1-888-232-3294, or by going to

The recall has been posted via social media and on several news articles and hopefully Combi will be able to get in touch with all the new owner out there.

Some of the readers of the story, are concerned over whether or not Combi will be able to get the word out fast enough…

“I hope this reaches all the moms and dads who bought these car seats and maybe saves some lives.”

If the parents did not fill out the appropriate recall and warranty paperwork, there may be a chance that they do not receive the imminent information. Let’s hope the word spreads through the miracles of social media.