If You Stumble Upon A Fence With Purple Posts, You Need To Turn And Run Immediately. Here’s Why…

Have you ever seen a post or tree trunk painted purple? While you might not have known, it’s a symbol that means you need to keep your distance.

If you end up walking past the purple post, you are trespassing on property.

“It holds the same weight and the same law violations apply. It’s no trespassing period,” Ashley Pellerin, an agent for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s extension service in Prairie View, Texas, told KETK.


Back in 1989, the Purple Paint Law started in Arkansas as a way for private property owners to identify their borders. Since then many states have adopted the common-sense law.

In Texas, landowners had to constantly replace their “No Trespassing” signs because violators either removed them or used them for target practice. The Purple Paint Law makes a lot more sense in a big state like Texas.

“People hunting or fishing without the landowner’s consent is a common issue,” said Texas Game Warden Brad Clark.

Even though the law has been around for a while, some people are still ignorant to its meaning. That’s has to change, for their own safety!

“Fast-forward to now, and still a lot of people don’t know what it means but it is still a law,” Kennedy said.

Marks must be vertical lines that are at least 8-inches long and 1-inch wide. These strips must be between three and five feet from the ground and easily visible.

“The no trespassing purple, a lot of people who are color blind, they can actually see the color purple, so I believe that’s why it was chosen,” said Pellerin.

The states that abide by the Purple Paint Law include Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri. Other states use orange and even lime green to indicate private property like Florida, Maine, and Idaho.

Watch the video below to learn about the Purple Paint law and understand its importance! First-degree trespassing is a misdemeanor in most states…

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