I Was Watching This Movie With My Kids, But Then I Noticed It And Immediately Turned It Off

Having kids of your own is a joyous experience, filled with all sorts of surprises from day one. Once your child starts watching television shows however, you may start to notice something interesting – every single one has hidden jokes meant just for adults.

Kids have no idea that these inappropriate messages are hidden right in front of their eyes, but just re-watch and episode of Spongebob as an adult and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about Or just check out the top 10 most inappropriate messages in kid’s shows right here!

10. Spongebob Squarepants 

Spongebob has been known to cover some racy material, but did you know that the writers also apparently like to make jokes about rape? In the episode, “Gary Takes A Bath,” Spongebob and Gary are pretending to be pirates, searching for treasure. Our yellow, boxy hero finally finds some soap, imagining that they are actually gold dubloons. Seconds later, he hands them to Gary and says, “Don’t drop them!” with a suggestive wink. Kids have no idea but every adult watching was stunned.

9. Shrek

This one is hidden so cleverly, it’s actually in the name of a character. Lord Farquaad’s name just sounds playful to kids, but it bears a striking resemblance to the term “f***wad.” Not only that, at one point in the film Lord Farquaad is shown laying in bed, gazing at a picture of his favorite lady. Princess Fiona. Seconds later a slight movement can be seen underneath the blanket, causing him to pull it up further and almost spill his alcoholic beverage. Alcohol in bed, visible erections and this is supposed to be a kid’s movie!

8. Frozen

This one may be heartbreaking to most of you, because pretty much everyone loved Disney’s Frozen – but there is one inappropriate moment that most vigilant parents will want to be aware of. When Anna is talking to Kristoff about the man she married on a whim, he decides to question how well she actually knows the guy. He starts asking her a bunch of questions, including the color of his eyes and his name. Kristoff then asks about the man’s foot size, only to retract his statement and say, “foot size doesn’t matter.” This sly reference to the size of a man’s member caused many adults to laugh, but many more parents to wince.

Check out the full clip below to find out the rest of the top 10 most inappropriate moments ever found in a children’s television show! Which one do you think is the worst?