I Was Confused When She Cut Up An Old Hose And Nailed It To Her Fence. But Her Reason Why? BRILLIANT

Nowadays there is so much garden decor available. Entire sections of stores are dedicated to giving you options to brighten up your garden. Decorative pots, animals made of rock and the very popular colorful gnomes of all heights and themes are some of the many that you may see on the lawns of your neighbors as your stroll down your street on a summer night.

But why would you want something that everybody else has? Why not change it up a bit and have the star yard in your neighborhood. Follow a few simple rules to create your own garden paraphernalia. And the best part is, these items will cost half as much as they would in the stores.

Dollar Store Daisies

  1. Go to your local dollar store and purchase a colorful metal solid plate, outlined with half moons. A bright color is best as this will be the backdrop of your daisy. Next, find a patterned plate that is smaller than the solid, half moon one. This will go on top of the background plate. Next, purchase a solid small bowl, small enough to be centered on the patterned plate, but big enough and bright enough to make a splash
  2. Purchase some marine glue. This is a heavy duty, UV resistant glue that be purchased at a home repair store such as Home Depot or Lowes. It comes in a solid tube, so it’s easy to make a nice narrow line
  3. Outline the edge of the inner dip of the bottom plate. This is where the edge of the plate meets the rim.
  4. Place your patterned plate on top and secure it
  5. Apply a layer of glue to the bottom of the cup, then stick that onto the patterned plate.
  6. Next, you will drill a hole through the center of the bowl and ensure it goes through all three layers
  7. Hammer a nail into you fence. About six inches below the nail, you will nail an old green hose. Feel free to wind or shape the hose in any fashion you’d like to add some flair.
  8. Finally, place your daisy plate on the nail and you’ve got yourself a daisy.

Mirror Design

  1. Cover and old mirror with a tarp and hammer away until glass is broken up into several different pieces. You can try to get specific shapes by outlining the mirror and tapping gently
  2. Use a pencil to draw an image that you want on your fence. Some examples are: a tree, droplets of water, flowers, etc.
  3. Fill the image with the mirror pieces using silicon glue and outline the mirror with a bright paint color

Solar Powered Garden Lamp

  1. Unscrew the top of an garden solar lamp and screw it into and old lamp, where the bulb used to be
  2. Spray the outside of the lamp with a fabric sealant to make it waterproof
  3. Put the lamp on the center of a patio table and enjoy the nice subtle hues during a summer evening


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