Husband Tortures Wife FOR DAYS In Front Of Newborn. He Has NO IDEA What Her Mom Has In Store…

A new mom was tortured by her husband for days before her mom finally stormed the house and rescued her. Keep reading for the full story!

A young mom endured days of torture at the hands of her husband to save her newborn son’s life.

23-year-old Prosper Ortega had only been married for six months when her husband, Aaron Uchitel, began to abuse her in front of their weeks-old baby boy.

“Her ribs are broken.  He beat her ribs and breast saying her milk was useless and she was worthless,” Ortega’s mother Fawn said, according to WTSP. “He tried to blind her so she couldn’t see her baby, he tried to make her deaf so she couldn’t hear him crying for her.”

According to Fawn, Ortega had broken a window to try running away, but her husband stopped her and tied her to their bed.

Fawn also alleges that Uchitel drugged Ortega and stabbed her in the chest and legs, torturing her in front of their newborn.

Thankfully, Fawn finally broke into the home and fought Uchitel to save her daughter from any further abuse.

“I fought him. I fought him. I just went in there and I fought him,” she said.

While Ortega is still in the hospital in serious condition, her family remains optimistic that she’ll pull through.

Meanwhile, Uchitel is behind bars on a slew of charges, including aggravated battery, false imprisonment, and cruelty to children.

Ortega and her mother, who have worked with domestic violence victims in the past, hope their story can shed light on these horrific crimes.

More than anything, Fawn just wants her daughter can start healing.

“I just want her to be okay and I just want to make sure he doesn’t get out because she’s terrified he’s going to get out,” she said.


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