Husband gets what he deserves after criticizing wife for delivering baby in car


While women giving birth in their cars is fairly rare – we come across these miraculous stories every so often. This Untold Story From The ER though is unlike any you’ve heard before. The popular Discover Life show highlighted the story of Dr. Brian Snyder who said he wasn’t as surprised to find a woman parked in the ambulance bay giving birth – it’s what her husband said after the fact.

Untold Stories From The ER highlights harrowing, challenging and unusual stories from emergency rooms across the country. But while the show is based on reenactments, many times the doctors who lived these stories act in the scene, and narrate the show.

In this case, it was Dr. Snyder who said he found a woman, her husband, and her parents parked in the ambulance bay. The woman was too far along into her delivery to make it inside, so the doctor got in to help – delivering the baby right there in the lot.

YouTube/Discovery Life

After a short complication with the umbilical cord wrapped around the infant’s neck – the woman delivered a healthy, crying baby. Dr. Snyder then asked dad if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord but when the man walked over, he looked a bit stunned. “At this point I was looking at him, ‘Dad you okay?’ I was looking for him to pass out from seeing the blood or from seeing his wife in that position” Snyder told Untold Stories From The ER.

The man exclaimed, “Honey, this is our new car. The interior was special ordered! You couldn’t have waited 15 minutes?” That’s when the new mom punches her husband right in the face.

YouTube/Discovery Life

“So now we have 3 patients. We have a mother who just delivered, a baby who needs a warmer, and then a husband who is completely dead to the world.” Snyder explained.

Untold Stories From The ER might be a reenactment, but watching this bizarre and crazy scene play out like this is just as good. You can check out the video below here for yourself.


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