How To Make Pineapple Dole Whips – And It Only Takes 2 Ingredients!

Everyone loves Disneyland. The thrilling rides and charming characters are great but it’s the unique food that really captivates us. Now you can make one of the best treats right from your kitchen!


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Everyone Loves Dole Whip

This treat, called Dole Whip, is perfect for just about any occasion and there are simple ways that you can make it healthy!



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Keep It Cool

Take a can of pineapple chunks and leave it in the freezer overnight. In the morning you’ll have frozen pineapple chunks that are ready to use.


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Two Simple Ingredients

Take the frozen pineapple chunks and half cup of chilled almond milk and throw them both in the blender. Be sure to add the milk first so the blending process goes more smoothly! (22)

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You Have To Keep At It

After every few minutes or so, you’ll notice that the contents of the blender gets somewhat stuck. So you’ll have to stop it and stir it up a bit by hand!


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You’re Getting Closer

Each time you stir up the ingredients and turn on the blender, the mixture will become smoother and more whipped.

Once you notice the contents starting to poof up that’s a clear sign that you’re getting close. (23)

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Make Use Of Your Time

While your ingredients are blending you can scoop out half a pineapple for a mini bowl. Or place a ceramic bowl in the freezer to chill.

A chilled container will keep the final whipped product tasting fresh even longer.


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One Last Run

After the final hand mixing (should be the third or fourth round of doing so), turn on your blender one last time. (24)

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The Consistency Is Key

Once you’re done blending, the final whipped dole product should look like this!


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Do It The Disney Way

Scoop the whipped pineapple concoction into an icing bag with a star-shaped tip.


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Swirls Of Deliciousness

To get the most whipped dole possible, circle around the outside of the bowl and work your way in! (25)

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A Whipped Masterpiece

When all is said and done, you’ll be left with this yummy frozen treat to dig into!


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Just A Refresher

If you want to watch the whole process a little closer, check out the video below.

A Little Piece Of Sunshine

Even though the cool winter months may having you feeling blue, whip up this fun tropical treat to infuse a little summer warmth into your life. This is a healthy treat your whole family will love!


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