Household Item Nearly Stole Their Son’s Life, Parents Are On A Mission To Warn Others

It was a nightmare for Karla and Michael. They couldn’t believe they were watching their 1-year-old son Emmett get taken away from them right before their eyes. But by the grace of God, the boy inched back from the precipice of death and returned to his family. But not without his parents learning a valuable lesson about the dangers of household items…

His parents are still flabbergasted that the common item, found in almost all American homes, was the cause of their son’s nearly deadly illness…

Find out what it is and heed their warning today!


The horrific day started on a positive note. The family was planning on hosting a joint birthday party for their two sons. Emmett was turning one and Ethan was turning three.

But when Emmett woke up with a fever, the family’s plans transformed into a nightmare.

The baby was too ill to move so dad took him to urgent care. The baby was diagnosed with the flu and was sent home to recover.

But Emmett did not recover. His symptoms worsened until he descended into a living hell.

Within two days of his doctor visit, Emmett was vomiting up blood and dying.

Michael and Karla rushed the boy to the emergency room. He got an x-ray and received breathing treatments.

Within minutes, the x-ray revealed the shocking truth: Something was lodged in the baby’s esophagus, a button battery.

Somehow Emmett had eaten a button battery. These small, round batteries found it children toys, wrist watches, musical greeting cards, and hearing aides are extremely deadly if swallowed.

If the battery had not been found when it was, Emmett would likely have died.

Although Michael and Karla are conscientious parents who watch their son closely, he was somehow able to get his hands on this and put it in his mouth.

The truth is terrifying. More than 3,500 people of all ages swallow these button batteries yearly. They’re just as poisonous and deadly as drinking drain cleaner.

While Emmett’s parents were grateful the cause of his sickness was discovered, they were also embarrassed. They felt like they had failed their son. That’s when they decided God wanted them to pass the message along to other Americans so this doesn’t happen to another baby.

But Emmett was not out of the woods yet. He underwent surgery immediately to remove the battery that was eating his esophagus alive from the inside. The battery had burned two holes in his throat’s lining. He needed reconstructive surgery…

After a lot of thinking, Emmett’s parents realized the battery had fallen out of their DVD player’s remote control.

Over the past few years, Emmett has needed more than 65 surgeries to be just a normal boy. Because of the care, he has pretty much a normal life now.

But these button batteries are extremely dangerous. Watch out!

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