Here’s The New Trend That Has Teens Turning Their Skin Permanently Jet Black. Is This A Bad Idea?

People are now getting huge portions of their body tattooed black in a new trend called blackout tattoos. In many cases, young people are having their entire arms or legs “blacked out” by tattoos. And one man has almost blacked out his entire body with ink.

Scroll down to learn more about this startling blackout trend in tattooing.

Colorful and minimalist tattoos our out. Full-body and other blackout tattoos are in.

In recent years, tattoos with intricate designs and beautiful colors became popular. But after a blackout tattoo of a woman’s upper chest area and arm went viral on Instagram, culture experts declare that blackout tattoos are the new it-thing.

Blackout tattoos involve large portions of the recipient’s body being inked solid black – changing skin tone forever.

Singapore’s Linjojo’z is committed to the all-black tattoos. She first got started with them when she wanted to cover up old ink jobs. But now it’s all she wants.

The young woman’s chest and right arm have been completely tattooed black. The tattoo features a scalloped neckline and a rose on her arm.

When asked if she regrets the decision to get the blackout tattoo, Linjojo’z says no.

“I am happy with the way my tattoos look now!” she wrote on Instagram.

See the video below for more images of the popular new trend in ink – blackout tattoos.

Please SHARE your reaction to this hot, trending style in the comments below! Is it cool or foolish? Is the trend here to stay or just a fad?


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