He Was Hired To Fix Single Mom’s Roof. Moments After Arriving He’s Screaming To Call 911

One Missouri resident had to deal with a leaky roof for several months. As a single mother, Joanna Wiley didn’t have much money and was struggling to get by. She dreaded having to call a contractor who she knew would charge her and arm and a leg in order to fix the roof that had a hole in it.

To save money, Wiley tried to fix the leak herself. It was in a troublesome spot just above her daughter’s bedroom and needed to be addressed before the weather turned sour. But when it did rain, the water would pour in and soak the child as well as all her belongings.

When Wiley climbed the ladder to make her own DIY repairs, she fell from the roof. Now her life will never be the same again…

Because she tried to save money and fix the roof herself, she fell from the ladder and suffered a traumatic brain injury in the process.

But that was only the beginning of her trouble. While being treated for the brain injury, doctors diagnosed her with thyroid cancer.

As she struggled with her health issues and raising her kids, she had no time to stop her house from falling apart. She reached out for help on social media from friends and family, but they ignored every one of her cries for help for six months.

She finally uploaded a desperate plea to Facebook where she said, “That’s all I’m asking for is a safe place for me and my family to live.”

Eventually, one roofer, Edward Aguado, heard about Joanna Wiley’s problems. He offered to stop by and see if he could be able to offer some help.

“I was like, who is this Ed, what does he want?” Wiley said laughing after everything was done.

When he looked into the house, Aguado was heartbroken at the squalor Wiley and her kids had been forced to live in. The whole family was suffering and Joanna didn’t have the means or the good health to do anything to fix it. The home was 40-years old and was in terrible shape and only getting worse every day.

Out of the kindness of his own heart, Aguado chose to help. In just three days, he fixed Joanna’s roof.

“At first, I thought it was a scam,” Wiley said and that what this man was doing was “too good to be true.”

But Aguado insisted that she wouldn’t have to pay a penny for the $10,000 worth of work he did to her property. He just wanted to make sure the Wiley family had somewhere safe to rest their heads at night.

“I want to thank you.  A handshake’s not right,” she said hugging Aguado.  “Seriously, not worrying about it raining,” she said, fighting back her tears.

“It makes it 100% worth it.  We’re glad we did it,” Aguado said. “I was in a position where I could help and I wanted to help. It was really as simple as that.”

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