He Walked Outside On His Farm And Saw A Dead, Bloated Snake. So He Cuts It Open. What He Finds? OMG!

While walking out into his field last week, a farmer in China got the shock of his life when he realized that a 13-foot python had swallowed one of his goats whole…

The farmer in the Fujian province was so shocked to find the large land snake devouring his livestock whole, he did the only logical thing – try to get the goat back.

Since the goat was large, the snake was too full to move. That’s when the farmer had a plan. He ran to get other villagers to help…

Mr. Lin wasn’t about to let his prized goat get away from him that easily. With the help of the other Chinese villagers, Lin and his friends began pushing at the goat inside the snake.

Before any of this happened, Lin was tending his goats on a nearby hill. It was 9pm at night when he called them all in. But then he realized that one of his favorite goats hadn’t returned.

That’s when Lin decided he better go up the mountain to find it and bring it back to the enclosure for the night.

He never expected to see a large python swallowing his goat whole…

“I found a big snake on the mountain, lying on the ground motionless,” he said. The reptile was so full it couldn’t move. Then he saw the goat’s horn…

With the help of his friends, Lin pulled the goat out of the python’s belly.

After all was said and done, the snake weighed about 42 pounds, the villagers said while the goat was 24 pounds.

Because the snake is a nationally protected species, an agent from the Fuqing City Forestry Bureau rushed to the scene. It’s rare to find a snake like this in Fuqing and they wanted to make sure it was protected. The snake was then removed from the scene and taken into protection.

Large snakes like pythons are usually not poisonous. Instead, they use their large bodies to constrict their prey and suffocate them. Then they devour them by unhinging their jaws.

Lin and the other villagers got the goat out but it was dead. At least they can eat it for dinner instead of the snake.

Hundreds of people are shocked by this story. They are impressed that Lin and the other villagers were willing to get that close to such a deadly and terrifying animal.

  • “Wow, that is incredible. I don’t think I could ever do something like that. I’m so scared of snakes.”

Others figured that they should have just let the snake keep the goat.

  • “It was already dead why not let the snake finish its meal.”

Pythons live in tropical regions of the world in Africa and Asia. But they can also be found in rain forests, savannas, and deserts. They’re very adaptive snake.

Pythons also have long lives. They can survive over 40 years in captivity. The oldest recorded python in captivity was 48-years old. But in order to live this long, they require proper care.


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