He Took This Photo Of His Wife. But It’s Not Until They Get Home Does He Spot THIS In The Water. OMG

Some of the most important moments or periods of life inspire people to capture them in photos so that they can remember them forever.  Some of the moments we know so well such as weddings, birthdays, and for many even the stages of life when husband and wife are expecting their baby.

Pregnancy photos may seem odd to some people, but they are gaining increasing popularity because they show a moment in history that is so beautiful, when a mother is carrying her unborn baby in the wake of life.

Pregnancy photos are also amazing in the sense that the baby can then look back at the photo and see their mother standing there, and know that they are in the photo as well, though unseen.

One man wanted to capture this magical moment of his pregnant wife and their unborn son, so he went to get some nice maternity photos of his wife down by Atlantic Beach located near Jacksonville, Florida.

Getting a pregnancy photo is very special and will mark a sacred photograph for many people in their lives, but this one was extra special because at the time, Dan Mozer and his wife knew that there were dolphins in the area around where they were taking the photo.  People were spotting their dorsal fins sticking out of the water and so they set up the shoot right by the shoreline with the camera facing the ocean.

Mozer put his camera on burst mode, and had his wife stand facing the camera.  Out of the many photos that were taken, one special on was got where there was a dolphin leading out of the water in plain sight right behind his wife.

The fact that he was even able to get this photo is absolutely amazing even though the camera was on bust mode.  Having a pregnancy photo like this is so special and rare that they will definitley be saving this one forever.

Mozer talked about the shot saying that their unborn son Courtland was the lucky strike for having the dolphins come out of the water, and said that he must have been “summoning the dolphins”.

While this may seem a bit superstitious to many people, it certainly was very popular online.  The photo is getting thousands of likes and is really speaking a hundred words as to how special these types of shots are.

One great thing about this pregnancy shot is the fact that when little Courtland is born later, his parents will most likely still have this amazing shot and will show him the picture of his mother Angeline standing on the beach that day with a dolphin breaching the surface in the background.

Mozer captioned his photo, “A once in a lifetime shot. Viewer Dan Mozer shared this image of his wife Angeline as they were taking maternity shots at Atlantic Beach. #Dolphinphotobomb”


What do you think of this amazing shot?  Was it luck or meant to be?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!