He Just Bought A Foreclosed Home On Auction, But Just One Step Inside Has Him Throwing Up

It is not uncommon to hear of dead bodies being found inside of homes and private residences.  In fact, many firemen report that they come across a home with a dead body at least twice a week now a days, and dealing with that type of thing can be the hardest part of their job sometimes.

It must be very mentally challenging to walk into what may seem like an ordinary home just to find the person who lived there lifeless on the floor. Some people are better dealing with it than others because of experience and previous encounters though.

An ordinary person may not know how to deal with finding a dead body on the ground in a home.  Some people may stand there in speechless shock, while others would call the police and deal with it right away.

One home owner in Pennsylvania had no idea what to do when he bought a home that was being auctioned off after being foreclosed.

It was Mark Ponce who was a Berks Country contractor who bought a home that was what he considered, an amazing deal.  He got the home for a really cheap price because of the fact that it had been foreclosed.

The home had previously belonged to Michael Meitzler, and nobody had seen or heard from him in a while.  The payments weren’t being made, and that’s why the home was being resold.

When Ponce stepped inside with his friend though, they discovered what was the corpse of the former 57 year old homeowner.

The two did not know how to react to this type of situation, as it must have been more than shocking to find a skeleton of a human in your new home when you first go in.  Joe McGee who is Ponce’s friend said that they both ran out the door, and then he threw up from seeing the corpse.

What is most disturbing is how long the corpse has been there.  A coroner from Berks County said that the body was rotting in the home for a full two and half to three years.  It can calm them to know that the cause was most likely natural, but further investigation is needed.

The reason why such a thing was able to happen was because of the way that the auction process works.  Because of the fact that nobody had heard from Meitzler and that he had not paid his taxes, the property was seized. Afterwards when it is auctioned, it has no prior inspection or anything unless specifically requested.

Really when you look at a situation like this, it is less of a horror story and more of a sad story, of an older man who was forgotten by his neighborhood.

In the three years that he was missing, nobody came to check on him or see how he was doing.

As Ponce said, “Society failed him”.

Would you still live in the home anyways after finding what Ponce found inside?  Let us know in the comments below.