He Ignored A Bug Bite For Weeks, Then His Entire Arm Swells Up. So He Takes A Pin To Pop It

When one man visited Indiana, he was bit by a spider but had no idea about it. But three or four days later, the infected area had swollen up like a balloon. He couldn’t ignore the facts anymore.

Instead of going to the hospital or a treatment center, the infected guy figured he’d administer some DIY treatment on himself. He set up the camera and then pricked his arm with a needle. He couldn’t have prepared for this…

If you’ve ever watched any of Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos, then you’ve seen some pretty gross things come out of a human’s skin.

Those clips are NOTHING compared to this guy’s infected spider bite.

At the start of the clip, he shows you his own forearm near the elbow which was where the bite occurred. A large scab has formed.

With a needle, the man goes in to prick himself and clean his own wound.

As soon as the needle breaks through his skin, a white puss starts drizzling out of the open wound. As the video progresses, more and more fluid oozes out. It’s so disgusting!

Eventually, he did go to the doctor where they said it was a recluse spider bite. Also, he said he found a recluse spider “the day after and I don't believe in coincidence. It wasn't completely cleared up for a few weeks but after draining and antibiotics, I had no swelling or pain in arm after only a few days.”

Watch the incredible DIY spider bite extraction in the video below.

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