Hardworking Night Nurse Orders Domino’s Pizza, Finds Sickening Note Attached To Her Order

When a nurse ordered pizza late at night, he received a shocking, rude note attached to the Domino’s Pizza box that has thrown him, and hospital workers everywhere, into an outrage.

The nurse, who has asked to remain anonymous, ordered a pizza from Domino’s Pizza just a few minutes before the store closed at midnight. Because he was working the late shift at the Paris Regional Medical Center in Paris, Texas, food options were limited at that time of the night and he was lucky the pizza joint was still open.

But when the pizza delivery arrived, it came complete with a hateful, handwritten note that left the medical professional speechless…


The pizza came with a sarcastic note that read: “Thanks! We would appreciate it VERY much if you didn’t wait until 5 minutes before we close.”

Not only was the anonymous nurse hurt and offended, other workers at the hospital couldn’t believe it either.

“It was the rudest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kerry Miller, a friend of the nurse, told CBS 11.

“I don’t care if they called one minute ’til, the business is still open,” Miller continued. “Service your customers.”

Miller was the one who brought attention to the atrocity. He posted the picture on social media which subsequently went viral. Along with the picture, Miller wrote about how nurses save lives every day no matter what time of day and that sometimes they need to order a pizza late at night…because they were busy saving lives…

“How would you feel if you wrote something like that and then the next day you were laying [in the ER]?” he said.

None of the Domino’s Pizza store employees are brave enough to comment about the insensitive note. But Tim Mcintrye, a company spokesperson offered up the following statement:

“We do not condone or encourage this kind of behavior or one-sided ‘[dialog]’ with customers.”

Miller said he is not satisfied with Domino’s weak “apology.”

“I want to see an apology to that hospital,” he said. “I don’t care if they have to bring a pizza to every floor, these nurses deserve something better.”

Domino’s didn’t say anything about reprimanding the sarcastic employee. And this is not the first time the pizza chain has delivered an offensive note along with their pizzas.

In December 2015, a Michigan woman ordered a pizza from Domino’s and found a note on her receipt that read “F*** this c***.”

She suspected it was written because she had complained about a pizza a year before. The manager who wrote that note was fired.

Workers at fast food establishments have a reputation for bad attitudes. It seems to attract people who are not satisfied in their work and want to send a message to the customers. But these people have gone too far.

But we are still waiting to hear about the fate of the employee who wrote the rude note to the life-saving nurse. Should this person really keep their job after saying this to a paying customer?

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