He Heard Grunts Coming From Under His Bed. So He Hits Record. What He Captures? NOT GOOD

When’s the last time you felt like a monster was under your bed? If you’re an adult, it’s probably been decades. While you might have seen shapes and figures in the shadows of a dark room, a “monster under the bed” is a kid problem. Isn’t it?

Now one guy has evidence that kids might not be as wrong about monsters as we’ve thought. Check out the viral footage he caught down below!


All of a sudden, the filmmaker heard an odd rustling coming from under his bed.

He bolted up in bed and switched on the lamp. Then he dismissed it. “I’m just hearing things.”

But the sound came back a few moments later. This time he couldn’t just ignore it.

Then he heard the growling…

Terrified, the man dropped some candy onto the ground in order to appease the growling monster.

That’s when the nightmare really begins. The creature sticks a clawed hand out from under the bed and rakes the candy into its dark lair.

Comments offer numerous explanations as to what happened…

“its a racoon people not a monster,” Jazmin Naranjo writes.

“nightmares here we come”

“no, it was indeed a monster”

“Some people are not gonna get sleep tonight”

What is your reaction?

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