For A Week Straight I Noticed This Cop Car Had An Umbrella On It’s Hood. When I Peeked Under It? OMG

Police officers found a mourning dove that had chosen to nest in one of the force’s cruisers. Instead of kicking her out, they decided to treat the mama bird like a queen.

These officers went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that this mother dove was safe, cozy, and healthy.


One morning, officers from Parma, Ohio saw that the dove had made a nest out of the windshield of one of their backup cruisers. There were already two eggs in the nest by the time the cops found it.

Instead of kicking her out, they decided to welcome her warmly to her new home. Since the cruiser was a backup that hardly got used, they could afford to have a little fun with the bird.

Officers attached an umbrella to the hood of the car so the dove could stay dry on rainy days.

Other officers even went digging in the dirt to find earthworms to feed to the bird. They also brought her cups of water to keep her refreshed.

The squad even blocked off the patrol car with cones to make sure no one accidentally drove off with her nest.

“Our officers are human beings just like anyone else,” Lt. Kevin Riley of the Parma Police Department told Fox 8. “We care for all lives, human and animal, so the officers took a carrier to this bird, which they nicknamed Gerty, is taken care of and can take care of her young in the cruiser.”

Do you think the dove will be safe nesting on the police cruiser?


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