Even Cops Who Have Seen Everything Say What She Did To Her 10-Month-Old Is By Far The Worst…

There are too man incidences in the world to call it rare that mothers who have children and cannot keep care of them try and kill their babies. Whether it be because they are told to or because they know they can’t take care of them, or because they simply do not want to put up with them, this type of incident is found to happen time and time again, and it is rather disheartening every time such a story pops up in the news.

These types of crimes are more common in foreign countries that have strict child laws, however it recently happened here in the United States, and the account is rather chilling.

The case took place in Nampa, Idaho, where a woman named Regina Dilworth was caught trying to drown her 10 month old infant in an irrigation ditch near her home while she was also under the influence of drugs.

She was first noticed in the middle of the road, carrying her 10 month old with a 4 year old who was trailing behind her, who she also was a mother to.

While walking down the road, she first attempted to give her four year old away to a stranger just sitting in his front yard because she did not want to keep him anymore.

The stranger replied no, and so she continued to wander down the road when a driver then noticed that the entire ordeal looked very strange and went to go ask if she needed help.

Dilworth said that she was fine and she needed no help at all, and that’s when the driver of the vehicle knew that something was off.

He called the police, and followed Dilworth in the shadows.  They made their ways all the way to an irrigation canal, where Dilworth then jumped into the water, and tried to push the baby’s head under the water.  She had some trouble because she was drugged, but got the baby all the way up to its neck when the driver jumped out of his vehicle and took to action.

He grabbed the baby before Dilworth was able to cause any significant harm to it, and then brought it back onto shore.

Dilworth was arrested there on the spot, and was given charges of having two account of injury to a child, which can see some serious punishment in jail time.

This is another case after one that happened just last week of another mother who tried to bury her baby with its face down in a ditch in Thailand.

Mothers who cannot take care of their children need to be educated on what to do when caught in a situation like this, because the worst possible solution is killing an innocent life that just wants to live.  A better solution would be finding a foster family or suitable orphanage to let the child grow up with at least some support.

What type of sentence would you give Dilworth for the type of crime she committed?  Let us know in the comments below!




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