Doctors Sewed Man’s Burned Hand Into His Stomach, The Reason Will Astonish You!


Texas doctors went a step forward to save 87-year-old man’s hand. It looked like something in a sci-fi movie, but the patient party also agreed to do so.

Retired ranch worker and school driver Frank Reyes had his left hand badly burned in an accident in his farm. His hand was crushed by a hot metallic wheel in the temperature of more than 100 degrees. Seeing the severely affected hand, doctors decided to do something extraordinary with his hand to make it alive. So they decided to attach his hand into his belly. The crazy operation was conducted at Houston Methodist Hospital where Reyes stayed connecting his hand into the stomach for three weeks. The abdominal skin that was stuck to the injured part allowed to form the new blood vessels and the hand started healing.

Now doctors have separated his hand from stomach and Reyes is recovering. He wants to go to the trip driving himself and wants to raise cattle when he gets back his hand usual. Earlier Chinese doctors also transplanted a man’s hand onto the leg to make it functional.

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