Doctors Beg Mom To Reveal What Her Dying 2-Year-Old Ate. She Should Be Locked Up For Life!


After a Louisiana mom admitted that her 2-year-old daughter accidentally devoured illegal methamphetamine, she was arrested by local authorities.

In a press report, the Gonzales Police Department announced that they had put 21-year-old Tyler Dauzat behind bars on charges of negligent injuring and cruelty to juveniles this past weekend.

Dauzat had rushed her toddler to the hospital after the 2-year-old began performing “erratic” and tarrying behavior, Sgt. Steven Nethken noted.

Because mom wasn’t willing to work with authorities, doctors ordered a blood test on the little child to see what was causing the problem.

The tests results revealed dangerously high levels of meth in the 2-year-old’s system. Doctors then knew the baby had ingested the potentially fatal drug.

Police were called and questioned Dauzat. Realizing that she couldn’t lie anymore, she said that she neglected the child while leaving her alone with mom’s purse. Inside, she had a significant amount of crystal meth.

Dauzat refused to work with the police and doctors at first – even though her child’s life was in peril.

The child was in such a terrible condition, doctors needed to stabilize her before transferring her to a pediatric unit at another hospital.

Now Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services is assessing whether 21-year-old Dauzat should retain custody of her two children age 2 and 4.

Do you think this mom should be allowed to raise her kids?

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