As her daughter sat crying in the shower, this mom immediately responded. She had no idea what would come next.

Grace Yeats was a happy 10-year-old girl from New Zealand. She loved to play sports and music, but when she suddenly came down with flu-like symptoms, her whole life was turned on its end.


At first, her mother didn’t think much of Grace’s cold: headache, light fever, cough. But then she found her daughter sitting down crying in the shower. Her legs were in such unbearable pain that she couldn’t stand back up. They immediately went to the hospital where they were forced to wait for hours. Grace’s condition got worse and worse, but no one could have guessed that this was the last day Grace would be able to speak.

The doctors were baffled. Grace had a CT scan and received a spinal tap to numb the pain. Doctors took a sample of her spinal fluid and came up with a diagnosis: Grace was suffering from Basal ganglia necrosis.


The hospital staff describe it like this: Her brain is being attacked and is slowly corroding. There was very little that could be done except to give the girl strong painkillers.


Grace still has extreme seizures: She can no longer speak, walk, or move, but she is fully conscious. Medication helps her to communicate, but the seizures always return. In order to prevent her disease from worsening, Grace has undergone a number of operations. All of this aside, this little girl has a love for life.


Grace is now 13. While her condition has slightly improved, she still requires around-the-clock care. It is uncertain whether Grace will ever be able to lead an independent life again. For now, the doctors are focusing on minimizing her pain and applaud small steps forward.


Grace requires extensive care, operations, and expensive therapy. To help the family ensure they get the best for their daughter, Grace’s mom started a donation homepage. More than 1,000 people have already donated more than $20,000. Grace and her family were overwhelmed by the support and grateful for every single penny. And mom is grateful for what happened after one of Grace’s recent operations: Grace woke up, looked at her mother, and recited the alphabet! Everyone was amazed by this incredible step forward. You can see the touching moment in the video on their homepage.

Thank you ,thank you ,thank you

Posted by Grace Yeats Trust on Saturday, 27 February 2016


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