Country Bans Islamic Veil In Public, Muslims Are Now Fleeing

According to some recent reports, some Muslims living in France are seriously considering leaving the country. A group of Muslims spoke out in an article on the matter, but they all asked to remain anonymous.

The interview was conducted in response to a law that was passed banning religious head coverings. For Muslim women, that means that they are unable to wear hijab. The ban started in 2004, prohibiting any religious display while at public school. Nearly a dozen of the Muslims interviewed felt that this was a direct attack on their culture.

“All conflicts were solved with two years of passing the law,” claimed Mireille Sibille, a ministry spokesperson. She claims that there are many opportunities for Muslim men and women. But for many of them, that means leaving the country or taking e-jobs.

Following the passing of the law in 2004, other restrictions followed. In 2007, the government also made the decision to ban religious signs, including hijab, in service businesses like hospital. According to legal experts, the laws are designed to promote equality. In fact the Minister of Education, Luc Chatel, wrote a letter in 2012 claiming that the law addressed an issue he was seeing on campus: women wearing hijab were being attacked when they would accompany their children on school outings.

What do you think? Do you support the ban?