Women heard crying from a nearby well…When they arrived on scene what they saw was……HORRIFIC

Female foeticide is an open secret people seldom talk about. But sub-inspector John In NY police decided that he won’t be a silent spectator and wouldn’t let a girl child die. He jumped in a 50 feet deep well to save an infant child who was probably thrown away by her parents to die.


On Thursday, around 7:15 pm, women heard wailing from a nearby well and called the police. Some may call it the infant’s luck that the police, which seldom appears on time, reached within six minutes.

The policeman saw an infant baby in the well crying.  Without caring for his own safety, he tied a rope around his waist and plunged into the well to rescue the infant.

“The baby was gravely injured was struggling to breathe. It was all a team effort to save the child. My team worked well,” said the humble policeman after rescuing the girl.

Later Police rushed the baby to nearby hospital where she is being treated. Her is condition is still critical. According to police, since the well is located in a distant area away from population, somebody deliberately threw the baby in the well.


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