Child Rapist Thought He’d Be Safe In Jail. But While Behind Bars THIS Happened To Him. KARMA

Brazilian jiu jitsu teacher Daryell Dickson Meneses recently turned himself in to authorities on some absolutely terrifying self-confessed crimes including beating, raping and proceeding to murder his baby stepson.

But as many of you know, prison time doesn’t usually end well for those accused of crimes against children – especially a crime as painfully horrendous as this. To repay this disgusting man for his terrible act, other prisoners decided to get some “prison justice,” proceeding to rape the man so many times, he needed stitches and could barely walk!

“Daryell was raped by about 20 prisoners. He had injuries all over his body, the most serious ones in the anal region,” reports The Inquisitr. “Dissatisfied, and still furious about the crimes committed by the teacher, the prisoners tore apart the stitches that he received and raped him again. The blood stains on the rear of the shorts of the young man are proof of how much he suffered.”

While Meneses clearly got what he deserved, many people online are saying that a brutal rape like this is not okay, no matter what the circumstances. Still, most agree that he got what was coming to him and hopefully no one feels too bad for this horrible excuse for a human being.

In case you thought this story was fake or fabricated, all you have to do is check out this picture and the truth will be revealed. Just be careful – it’s a graphic image and definitely NSFW.

Do you think there is anything wrong with what these other prisoners did to punish this terrible man? Sound off in the comments!


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