Animal Rights Find Plastic Bag Whimpering In Trash Can. What They Discover Next…AMAZING STORY!

This is the journey that is Chi Chi.

Chi Chi’s journey is one of survival, courage, and spirit to never giving up even in the darkest moments of her being.

Her beginning is one of brutality, pain and darkness. Her experiences are of such torture, one can not imagine how she survived. Although humans did unimaginable things to her, she never gave up. Chi Chi’s willingness to forgive is a testament to her spirit and through it all, she greets everyone she meets with a smiling tail, kisses all over…. and love.

Chi Chi means “Loving” in Korean. THAT is who Chi Chi is – a loving, forgiving and spirited sweet soul who came out of the darkness and into the light.

This is Chi Chi’s journey.

Chi Chi was born approximately two years ago and was kept alive in immensely cruel conditions all while her body was being prepped to one day be considered ready for slaughter and sold into the dog meat trade.

ChiChi02Chi Chi, whose legs had rotted from the extreme abuse, was thrown away in a trash bag in the countryside where dogs are traditionally killed for meat.

Her spirit must have surely been broken, and all hope lost.

Then she was saved.

These amazing people discovered her in that trash bag in a well-known dog meat slaughter region of South Korea. Her feet were barely attached and she was in immense pain with cuts and bruises all over her body.

But what they also saw was this sweet girl with a little spark left in her eyes. They brought her to be evaluated by a veterinary clinic. What they discovered was that her four legs were so badly rotten that in order to save her life they would have to be amputated immediately. Due to Chi Chi showing her spirit and will to live, they went ahead with the surgery.

This was made possible by The Hope Foundation (Nabiya/Irion Project to help injured Animals) when they contacted us to partner and find a home in America.

Chi Chi has since made a full recovery and is a joy to be around. She lights up the room, greets everyone with a happy wagging tail, and loves to share her sweet spirit with anyone who comes to see her. She loves to be involved in everything the doctors and staff are doing, and happy scoots around the offices with her sweet face in everybody’s business!

But Chi Chi’s journey has just started. She has been adopted by an amazing family in Arizona, USA, and is on her way to a new life.

Chi Chi is a true testament of what it means to be a survivor from the darkest of places and coming out of it into the light with strength and love for all. She is THE dog saved by Dogs In The Dark with help from the guiding light that is Chula’s Compass by ARME.

Follow Chi Chi’s journey as she symbolically stands up for the rights of all dogs tortured and killed in the dog meat trade.


“When we can love through the darkest of dark places, we have truly transcended humanity and become omnipotent. Chi Chi is teaching me this every day.” – Shannon Keith, President & Founder, ARM

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