Can You Find The Hidden Snake In Under 12 Seconds? None Of My Family Members Could. Can You?

As you’ll soon see, there is a small snake hiding in the full picture below. While this might not sound too special, hundreds of people on Facebook have been having a lot of trouble trying to find it in under 10 seconds.

Even I had trouble. I’m usually a very observant person but this snake sure can hide!

Scroll down. Can you find the snake in the picture?


Camouflage is an important skill for predators and prey alike. Predators need to be able to blend in with their surrounds so they can sneak up on their food. Prey want to be hard to spot so they don’t become lunch!

But this little snake shown here sure has found a great hiding spot.

Tell us if you can find the snake in less than 10 seconds! SHARE your results in the comments. But don’t give the exact location so the quiz isn’t spoiled for others.



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