Bus with 27 screaming children crashes into a lake filled with alligators and this 10-year-old saved the day.

In Florida, USA a school bus driver tried to slam on the brakes a few miles from the local elementary school. The bus was full of children on their way home from school when it slid off the road and tipped into a lake.

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“The bus was out of control. I saw the driver hit the brakes, but nothing happened,” recalls 10-year-old Nicholas Sierra. As if that weren’t terrifying enough, the lake was full of alligators—what a nightmare!

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Nicholas saw that his classmates were terrified and panicked, so he moved into action. He got a young girl on his back and carried her to the shore.

Then he turned around, swam back to the bus, and brought another two kids to safety.

Facebook/Radio 104.1 WMRQ

Parents learned about the crash and started hurrying to the scene to rescue the rest of children. Thanks to Nicholas, everyone was fine. One student suffered a small cut, but that was it.

Youtube/Fox 13 News

Amazing what a 10-year-old can do. Thank goodness Nicholas was there and so gosh darn brave!