Boy Sends Mom A Selfie At School. That’s When She Sees It ON His Face…

A teacher in Utah is in big trouble after officials learned she had been forcing students who talked in class to put duct tape over their mouths. Keep reading to learn more!

A teacher in Utah is under fire for allegedly forcing students to place duct tape over their mouths whenever they talk during class.

With just a couple of days left before summer break, plenty of students at Wasatch Junior High School are itching to start their vacation.

So Tara Dimoh wasn’t surprised when she heard that her 12-year-old son had gotten in trouble for talking during class.

What did shock her, however, was the teacher’s controversial punishment: duct tape.

According to KSL, Dimoh’s son texted her a selfie during class to prove what his teacher had forced him to cover his mouth in duct tape for talking to his friend.

“He told me that the teacher was upset he was talking to somebody during class,” Dimoh explained. “She came over to him and gave him a piece of duct tape and told him he needed it on his face like, ‘Here you go.’”

The humiliating incident happened on Monday during the seventh grader’s computer science class.

“He said, ‘You always told me to respect adults and my teachers so I had to (do it) and she was standing there mad. What was I supposed to do?’” Dimoh said.

According to the angry mom, her son likely wore the duct tape for about 40 minutes before the class ended for the day.

Ben Horsley with the Granite School District told KSL that the shocking investigation found that the teacher, who had 29 years of experience, had used this punishment several times before.

“We realized there’s potentially a handful of students that were involved,” he said. “There are appropriate educator techniques and classroom ethical standard. This doesn’t fall within any of those confines. We don’t find the behavior appropriate at all.”


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