Barstaff led 18 year old out into the back alley where he was surrounded. He couldn’t do anything to save himself…

A newly-released video shows events leading up to the swarming death of an 18 year old man outside a downtown area bar in November 2014. The jury began deliberations in the case Monday.

The video released by the Crown prosecutor shows Lukas Strasser-Hird with friends outside the Vinyl nightclub. When an alteraction between a group inside the bar spills outside with a group of men yelling racial slurs at bar staff. The group turned on Strasser-Hird when he spoke defending the bouncers. The video shows he was swarmed until bar staff were able to get him back into the bar.

Five minutes later he left though a back door and was swarmed again, this time being kicked and stabbed four times.

Dale Hird, the victim’s father, tells Global news the 6 week trial has been difficult. “Just very tired and just really hoping that we get the proper verdict here. It’s just been a very, very long trying experience.” Hird says the video should dispel suggestions that his son instigated the violence. “They tried to make it out like my son was picking fights in there. Of course, the video comes out and it shows the exact opposite. My son is attacked with his hands in his pockets in front of the bar.”

Franz Cabrera, Jordan Liao, Joch Pouk and Assmar Shlah are charged with second-degree murder in the case. A fifth man, Nathan Gervais, is charged with first-degree murder. He went missing weeks before the trial and a warrant remains out for his arrest.