At First It Looks Like An Ordinary Van. But What It Transforms Into With A Push Of A Button? AMAZING

Everyone seems to be interested in downsizing these days. With tiny homes all the rage, creative couples and families are selling their large homes in favor of a smaller and more economical living arrangement.

While tiny homes aren’t for everyone – at least as their main residence, jumping on the tiny train still holds tons of appeal.

How about this amazing motor home camper. While it looks like a normal work van, with the click of a button, this vehicle transforms into a home fit for the road.

Check out this new VW camper below!

As you’ll see in the clip from Practical Motorhome on YouTube, the Doubleback VW T5 Camper is perfect for anyone looking to take a road trip or live in a small space.

Not only can this vehicle sleep four people, it has enough storage space for bikes that takes the place of a trailer.

Yes, there’s lots of storage space. But where would you sleep and eat? That’s where this vehicle gets tricky!

Open the side sliding door and press a button. The back pod slides out automatically revealing the abundant living quarters.

By a click of a button, the living space of the camper doubles!

Since this Doubleback camper was previewed, more than 12 million people have watched the video. Viewers love this camper!

“I need it,” Robert Brunello wrote.

“I was skeptical but I’m impressed,” another viewer shared.

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