As Soon As Her Newborns Blood Work Came Back, Cops Were On The Hunt To Arrest Her


What we put in our bodies is crucial in playing a role in how we feel and how we develop our immunes systems. If you are eating a diet that is absent of fruits, vegetables and whole grains all day long, then there is a good chance that your body will slowly start to fail and feisty illnesses may appear out of nowhere. You need the healthy nutrients in these foods in order to thrive and live an energetic healthy lifestyle.

Now, picture this…you have a baby growing inside you. It’s no longer just you that you are feeding and it’s no longer you who is affected by what you put in your system. An innocent life is on the line and it’s in a woman’s best interest for both her and her baby, to treat her body like the temple that it is during pregnancy.

It’s no surprise that fueling your body with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes is a no no when you have a babe in the womb, but evidently, that doesn’t stop some moms from continuing on with their bad habits. And in fact, one pregnant mom is being jailed for what she put in her body while she was pregnant.

Not long after 21-year-old Alexander Laird gave birth to her first baby, police discovered that the infant was born addicted to heroin. Blood test results showed opiates and amphetamines, the two substances that she was showing withdrawal symptoms to.

After Laird was indicted for chemical endangerment of a child, she admitted to Pleasant Grove police Lieutenant Danny Reid that she had, in fact, used heroin a couple of times a week for five months of her pregnancy, and maybe even longer. The charge is considered a Class B felony.

Laird, who does not have custody of her daughter, was arrested again, only two months after giving birth. This time it was for an unrelated drug possession charge. To make matters worse, she was charged with failure to appear in court in August. When speaking with police about the charge, she admitted that she was pregnant yet again.

When Laird was charged with the child endangerment charge, one of the conditions of the bond was that she was not to commit any other crime or her bond would be recanted. And her failure to appear did just that.

Upon finding out she was pregnant, a judge ordered her to take a drug test. The court ordered test came back positive and it was then that she had admitted she was pregnant again. She even admitted to using heroin three times a day and at that point she was 18-20 weeks pregnant.

The judge remanded her to jail as soon as the positive drug test came back. At Lieutenant Reid’s urging, the judge agreed that no bond be granted to Laird, in an attempt to protect the unborn baby.

With round the clock medical care, Laird and her baby will be cared for in jail and a system will be put in place to assist with her recovery from addiction. When she is ready to deliver the baby, she will be brought to a hospital and DHR will be there for any custody issues that ensue.

“This is a sad case, no matter how you look at it, as the mother’s heroin addiction is more compelling to her than the health and welfare of this unborn child,” Reid said.