An Injured Little Boy Victim In France Had NO Visitors. That’s When Doctors Realize The Reason Why..

Many people are aware of the chilling attacks that took place recently in Nice France, when many people were killed when a terrorist named Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, 31, drove a truck loaded with explosives into a huge crowd gathered during the annual Bastille Day Celebration in the public area.

These types of attacks are not only scary, but are happening with increased frequency and have people on their toes because there is no real way of knowing when these types of attacks are going to happen, and where.

During the attack, 303 people were injured and 4 were killed.  The 19 tonne cargo truck really caused a lot of damage and rattled the country. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming that it was in response to calls to target nations of coalition states that are fighting ISIS. Currently, there are still five children and 21 adults who are in critical condition after the July 16 attacks, and they are fighting for their lives.

There is one particular case at the Lenval Children’s Hospital in Nice, where 30 children were treated the night of the attack, however one child who is still left there and is one of five can not be identified.  It is a total mystery, and he is only 10 years old (or is estimated to be).

The child has had no visitors, and nobody has claimed the child as part of their family.  Officials are thinking that the parents have been hospitalized elsewhere, or perhaps they were killed in the explosion.  More information has recently come out though stating that the child might be part of a Romanian family that officials from Romania had been searching for.

Romania’s foreign affairs ministry came out with a statement about the family that they are searching for saying, “Three Romanian nationals, two spouses and a minor, who were in the Nice area at the time of the attack have not yet been located. There is one minor (at Lenval) who could be the missing child.”

People are hoping that the child will soon get some type of support, because fighting for your life alone is something that is extremely hard to do, and having hope is difficult when there is nobody that you know as family by your bed there to help you through the tough times.

Officials are hoping that they will locate the parents soon, which is extremely difficult to do since they are not French and are in a country surrounded by chaos at the time.  People all over the internet are offering support in any way they can for the child and hope that all will work out as soon as possible.

Attacks like these are just going to increase as time goes on, so being aware and vigilant on what is out there in the world and how to protect yourself from it is important and crucial.  If you want to learn more about the Nice attack and the child who has gotten no visitors since he has been at the hospital, check out the video below and let us know what you think of this situation down in the comments.