When They Found Him, His Skin Was As Hard As Stone. How He Looks Now? AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!

Recently, a street dog was found in India with a very disturbing skin condition.  His skin started to turn into a stone-like composure, suffering from severe mange.

Rescue workers found the dog in a broken van, surrounded by flies.  This type of situation was perfect for a fly’s feast, leaving skin open and vulnerable for feasting.

The dog was in such bad initial condition, it was unable to move, and sat motionless while rescue works covered him in a blanket, protecting him from the flies.  Normally, an abused dog would make every attempt to run away from the workers, but the dog’s reaction truly shows in how bad of a condition the dog was in.

Looking at the dog’s eyes, any one would be able to see the sadness and distress that the dog was in, with a drooping, stagnant expression.

Within the first two weeks, the dog’s skin was completely healed, and within six weeks, he was filmed again, and looks happier than ever!

After the weeks of nursing and rehabilitation, the dog was able to stand up, move more freely, and now is on track to be back at full health.  All skin abnormalities have ceased, and the dog is now growing a beautiful array of fur.

Check out the video below to see the full rescue for yourself and see the amazing rescue:


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