After Giving Birth, Her Belly Began To Swell Up. What Doctors Pull Out Of Her? UNFATHOMABLE

As if giving birth is not complicated enough, one woman was put through one of the most difficult pregnancy ordeals seen in a while.

Yulia Selina had been pregnant with her little baby boy for 9 months, and the time had come for Selina to let him enter the world.  Due to complications with the baby, it was determined that she would need a C-section in order to ensure safe delivery.


That’s when things really went far left.


Selina’s belly had swollen to a size larger than when she was pregnant, which came with much swelling, pain, and cramps.

Selina described her situation at the time saying, “Every movement caused me horrible pain. At first, I thought it was just a natural reaction to the operation, but then I couldn’t even sit up anymore. The pain would make me scream.”


Doctors told Selina that her complaints were normal for women who undergo a c-section, however there was much more to the story than the doctors originally thought.


Selina eventually took to another hospital in hope of finding better treatment.  “I understood that, if I waited any longer for the doctors to help me, my children would be left without a mother.”

Upon completing a simple ultrasound, doctors found a mass inside of Selina’s belly, so she was rushed to the operating room and surgery commenced.  Five hours later, along with 2.5 liters of pus, doctors pulled out the object.


Turns out an entire operating table sheet was stuck inside Selina.  An entire sheet!  As it turns out, doctors left it inside her during the operation.

Selina was naturally shocked when she woke up and saw the photos, but was relived that the situation was taken care of.

Selina plans to settle the case in a “civilized way” and to make sure that such an ordeal never happens to anybody else.



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