He Takes A Pegboard And Slathers It In White Paint. When He Shows Me Why? I Knew I Had To Copy Him

If your house is feeling just a little too cluttered, maybe it’s time for an innovative new organizational tool – one that’s been underneath your nose this whole time.

Everybody is familiar with peg board, but usually this space-saving tool is reserved for the garage or workshop. With just a little creativity, peg boards will transform your home from a cluttered mess to an organizational paradise!


Keep kitchen tools away from the mess

Use peg boards to store kitchen tools if you have some extra wall space in your cooking area. The best part is that you can easily outline each tool, ensuring that everything returns to the right place every time.


Decorate the dining table

If your dining room table needs a little sprucing up, nothing works better to display some beautiful flowers than a peg board. Just make sure it is safely held up or your food may end up all over the floor.


Box it up

A pegboard box is a great way to store miscellaneous goodies, especially if you add some hangers to the sides like on this “Wrap & Roll” box.


Add some color

Pegboards don’t have to just be a simple white. Paint on some cool designs and what was once an ugly, spotted wall in the garage will become the perfect centerpiece to a country bedroom.


Organize your drawers

If your drawers tend to get a little cluttered, add in some pegboard dividers to space it all out and keep everything in it’s right place.


Organize your dishes

Pegboards can make amazing dish organizers but just adding some pegs of wood. Make sections for your plates, bowls and cups and everything will be put back perfectly, every time.


Sew much organization

Sewing is a great hobby that comes with a lot of little tools and accessories. Add a pegboard to the back wall of your sewing space to keep all those little goodies easily within arms reach.


A board, for your head

A pegboard headboard can serve the purpose very well, providing a place to hang pictures, shelves and pretty much anything you can imagine – right above your sleeping head.


Shelves getting a little too.. muggy?

Show off your awesome collection of mugs by making a pegboard display in just minutes – it doesn’t get any easier than this! Plus now your Monday mornings will be just a little bit easier.


Don’t let knit get in the way

If your massive, rainbow collection of yarn is just getting a little out of hand, use a pegboard plus some pegs to create a beautiful assortment that is ready for whenever you are in the knitting mood.


A work of art

Pegboards are the simplest way to display all the beautiful art you have collected over the years – or a great inspiration to start that art collection! Simply add some hooks and a pegboard becomes the perfect art display piece for your living room.


With all these awesome ideas, you have no excuse not to try at least one of them! Which pegboard creation is your favorite?



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