A Foster Son Starves While Mom and Daughter Eat. Now Watch When a Customer Turns Around.

Regardless of your stance on abortion there’s generally one thing both sides agree on – that the adoption and foster parent processes need a rework.

There’s thousands of people out there completely unfit to be a parent and yet still manage to pull one over the adoption agencies with less than the child’s best interests in mind, so what happens when people notice it in public?

If you’ve never heard of the show “What Would You Do?” it’s a great social experiment production that really gets into the grey areas of today. In this particular episode they take a mother and her two children, one is adopted and the other is biological and place them in a restaurant together. The mother then neglects to feed her foster child while her and her daughter choked down; what the rest of the restaurant goers do in response is exactly what you need to see to restore your faith in humanity for the day!


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