5 New Health Trends Becoming Popular This Year. You Won’t Believe What They Are..DISGUSTING!

Warning: The photos and content can be disturbing for some readers and viewers. If you don’t have the guts, just imagine unicorns!

It’s already 2016 and we’re pretty much sure there has been a lot of health trends invented for the past few years. But, here are 5 health trends popular among people who would go the extremes, that will make you say ew!


placenta ew


1. Consuming Your Placenta

According to health myths, eating your own placenta after delivering your baby helps in lowering the risk of postpartum depression and boosting your immune system. A false tip that has already been debunked, the trend was made famous by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian. This ew idea is just enough to make you say no to eating your own insides.

chewing and spitting food


2. Eating and Spitting Out Food

A health trend now considered as health disorder has been around since the 1990s. Another ew habit, it is believed to help individuals lose weight naturally. If this eating disorder goes on, the person could go malnourished and even die of starvation.



3. Indulging into Parasites

This is seriously ew! A current health trend among women young women in China is apparently a gross way of losing weight and looking slim. According to Daily Mail, in order to do this, they’ll consume roundworm eggs. But this is extremely alarming, especially what happens after an individual consumes a parasite like this. The eggs lay eggs in one’s stomach, developing and growing by sucking your body’s nutrients, which not only takes your body’s fat but also its crucial nutrients.




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4. Blood-sucking Leeches

A lot of people think that these blood-sucking animals can cure an extensive list of health conditions. A shocking truth, FDA approved the utilization of these animals back in 2004. According to several studies, the leeches’ salivas allow the blood to continue flowing throughout the body by preventing blood clotting.

mice wine


5. Making wines out of mice

Young mice were believed to be great for wines in Korea. They say mice wines are great health tonic. Also, they believe that these drinks can cure health diseases.

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