19 Years Ago, The First Set Of Septuplets Was Born. See What They Look Like Now

In 1997, the world’s first set of surviving septuplets was born. After Kenny and Bobbie McCaughey had gone through multiple fertility treatments, they were the recipients of shocking news. They would soon be parents of seven babies.

While the birth of one baby comes with it’s own stressful challenges and heartache for new parents, the McCaughey’s were facing seven times that amount, yet they were determined to go forward with the births, even against the doctors advice. The chance of having seven healthy babies was slim. The odds were against them.

On November 19, 1997, the McCaughey’s proved to the world that sometimes the impossible is possible and with a lot of faith, the family of two instantly turned into a family of nine.

The same year that President Clinton swore into office for a second term and the movie Titanic hit record-breaking sales, Natalie, Kenny Jr., Kelsey, Brandon, Alexis, Joel and Nathan made their miraculous entrance into the world. “Seeing each baby born and emerge from the womb was one of my favorite memories over the years,” said Kenny with a tear in his eye, as he and Bobbie reminisced over all the years filled with joy, heartache and love.

Seven mouths to feed, seven minds to mold, seven bodies to clothe. The pressure was demanding. The weight of what lied ahead was daunting. But with the help of family and friends and an extraordinary support system, the family made it against all odds.

While they all share the same birthdate, the seven siblings combined, span a variety of different personality traits and when the family gets asked the question about who is the class clown, they all simultaneously say “Kenny Jr.” Joel is known as the bookworm, but Natalie is more serious about school. Brandon is stubborn and fearless. And that is only four of the seven. While they all have contrasting traits, the seven siblings agree whole-heartedly that there is nothing bad about being one of seven when asked what the worst part about being a septuplet is. And they all agree that the best part is the camaraderie of family and the comfort that they are never alone.

Following their birth, it wasn’t uncommon for the McCaughey siblings to be seen on the cover of popular magazines. They had their first appearance on the news at just four days old, and they could’ve easily kept their fame going on a reality show, but they just wanted to live a normal life. “We just wanted to be normal,” said Kenny. “That’s the best way to raise a family.” Bobbie vocalizes her fear of seeing her seven babies turn 18. “It’s scary. Soon they will be chasing their own careers,” said Bobbie. “Seems like they were infants just yesterday.You blink and it’s over.” Bobbie, the miraculous matriarch, recollects all of the things that have happened over the years, reflecting on seven lives filled with memories. She is looking forward to see what paths her babies will take.