19-year-old’s makeup skills are seriously mind-boggling – take a look and see for yourself

Ghoulish art has been fascinating people for centuries; Fuseli, Van Gogh andDali are actually recent examples of artists whose works included the macabre. Today, London-based Saida Mickeviciute is capturing the attention of horror fans around the world with her mind-boggling makeup skills.
Mickeviciute, 19, was playing around with ideas for the Halloween 2015 holiday and discovered that, in an hour or two, she can create amazing effects. “My inspiration mostly comes from horror movies or from my favorite producer Tim Burton,” Mickeviciute told Bored Panda. She is a student of fashion and textiles; her makeup artistry is entirely self-taught. 
Some princesses just kiss the frog. Mickeviciute eats them.
I wonder what sort of treats this Easter bunny brings?
Life-sized holiday nutcracker, anyone?
The cracks of this porcelain doll demonstrate the extreme attention to detail in Mickeviciute’s work.
Not all of Mickeviciute’s work is dark; she’s fantastic at animals, too. Who doesn’t smile — slowly — at a sloth?
Mickeviciute has transformed herself into Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Edward Scissorhands, Cruella De Vil, the Jodie Foster poster from Silence of the Lambs, and many other things. See more of her amazing work on Instagram.
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