18 Years Ago Her Husband Went Missing Without A Trace. Then She Died. What’s Revealed? UNFATHOMABLE

There are some murder cases that exist in today’s time that are just too strange to believe, but they are in fact very real and carry many mysteries along with them.

Many times, unsolved murder cases remain unsolved, or are cracked years later in the most unusual way.

Such was the case with one man who was murdered 18 years ago, and police never found his body or knew what happened until his wife passed away from brain cancer, and the dark truth was revealed.

67 year old John Sabine disappeared suddenly one day with no trace at all from the family home which was located near Pontypridd, South Wales. This was yet again one of those unsolvable murder cases, so after coming up with no results as to what happened, police dropped the case.

18 year later, John’s case was finally solved in the most unusual way.

His wife, Leigh Sabine, died from brain cancer in 2015, and when neighbors were going through her stuff in the communal garden, they found John’s skeletal remains placed into plastic bags and wrapped in roofing felt.

A DNA specialist came to the scene to take samples and analyze them, and later proved that it was indeed John Sabine’s remains that were inside of that bag.

It was even more strange to hear about the way that Leigh treated the murder up until her death.

Just a few months before she died, Leigh had a friend come and assist her in moving her husband’s remains to the backyard.   This must have looked very strange, so she said that they were bones from a medical skeleton that she purchased while studying to be a nurse.

She also talked about how she was going to be famous after she died.  In a quote that she told her hairdresser, Leigh said, “people are going to talk about me after I have gone. I could be famous”.

Her hairdresser asked why she was going to be famous, and Leigh replied, “Because of the body in the bag”.

People said that Leigh was one who was almost never serious, and how it was hard to tell if she was serious or was joking.  That’s why most people either wrote off her comments as a joke, or didn’t act on their suspicions.

Leigh was estranged from her family and five children due to a series of familial disputes, and was was living on her own all those years.

One of the detectives on the case also found the object with which Leigh killed her husband, which was a very heavy metal frog which was probably used as a garden ornament.


After killing John, she wrapped his body up and kept him in her attic for years to come.

One of their sons, Christopher, commented on the case saying, “When I was told they had found my father’s body I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen him for 27 years and we didn’t know if he was dead or alive.  I tried to contact him many times but he never replied.  Now we know why.”


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