Woman Wrapped Her Feet In Onions Over Night – When You See The Pictures You’ll Be Shocked

If you want to act preventively when you get sick with influenza, improve circulation, purify the body and blood, or just to take care of your overall health, we suggest you to use onion coating on the feet. Our ancestors had to use these onion coatings because there were no other drugs at the time.

This recipe will help you to treat your overall health by simply treating your legs, because according to the saying, everything comes from the legs. All you need is one onion, warm socks and transparent foil.

Cut the onions into thin circles and wait for a few minutes to let the juice appear. After that, place the slices of onion on your feet, wrap them with transparent foil and put on some thick socks. In order to allow better warmth of the feet, you can put on wool socks. We use the foil in order to prevent the spread of unpleasent smell around the house and also to hold the onion firmly attached to the feet. Another way in which you can use onion if you are sensitive and onions erode your feet, is to mash them with oily cream or almond oil. Make sure to aplly the onion at night before going to bed in order to allow the coatings to act over the night. Your blood will be purified because the key ingredients of the onion will penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream. Since it has antibacterial properties, the onion coatings will help you improve your blood circulation and will draw impurities from the body.

Make sure to use homegrown hot onion, the hotter the better because there hides the secret to onion’s healing abilities. In the morning, remove the onions, wash your feet with cold water and put on wool socks in order to arm them up. For those who have poor circulation, this method is the best since the blood will start to circulate rapidly and will reach even the smallest blood veins. People with diabetes can as well use this method.

Eventhough this method is recommended for all those who have health issues, healthy people can use it as well. If you have a cold, flu, inflammation of the lungs or throat, try onion coating and you will feel the difference the next morning. Repeat this method from time to time if you use it for cleansing the body. On the other hand, if you use it during a cold, stop when the symptoms are gone.


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