This Simple Ingredient Could Be Causing Your Eyes To Go Blind. What Is It? SHOCKING!

Keep it clean!

Eye cosmetics are usually safe when you buy them, but misusing them can allow dangerous bacteria or fungi to grow in them. Then, when applied to the eye area, a cosmetic can cause an infection. In rare cases, women have been temporarily or permanently blinded by an infection from an eye cosmetic. See the Safety Checklist below for tips on keeping your eye cosmetics clean and protecting against infections.

Occasionally, contamination can be a problem for some eye cosmetics even when they are new. FDA has an Import Alert in effect for cosmetics — including eye cosmetics — contaminated with harmful microorganisms.

Don’t share! Don’t swap!

Don’t share or swap eye cosmetics — not even with your best friend. Another person’s germs may be hazardous to you. The risk of contamination may be even greater with “testers” at retail stores, where a number of people are using the same sample product. If you feel you must sample cosmetics at a store, make sure they are applied with single-use applicators, such as clean cotton swabs. Swapping brushes and eye care tools have caused women to go blind in the past.

Hold still!

It may seem like efficient use of your time to apply makeup in the car or on the bus, but resist that temptation, even if you’re not in the driver’s seat. If you hit a bump, come to a sudden stop, or are hit by another vehicle, you risk injuring your eye (scratching your cornea, for example) with a mascara wand or other applicator. Even a slight scratch can result in a serious infection. Only apply when you are stopped. Four cases of woman going blind from applying makeup in cars this year alone in USA 2016

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