This Is Definitely The Craziest Reason Why You Should Never Again Shave Your Pubic Hair – However, It Is Perfectly Logical!

There was a time when women did not use to shave their pubic hair and were leaving them unshaved, as they thought that that’s the right thing to do. Of course, all body parts have a purpose, so pubic hair is not an exception. Their purpose is to protect the privates from bacteria. It has been proven that shaving or waxing is not safe, and experts have verified that if it was not for the pubic hair, the private area could easily be irritated and infected with bacteria. The function of pubic hair is to act as a cushion against friction, which is quite beneficial, as friction can cause skin abrasion and injuries. Pubic hair also prevents bacteria and other unwanted pathogens to enter the body, and it represent a visible result of the long-awaited adolescent hormones. To sum up, pubic hair is nothing to be ashamed of and you should not be embarrassed about having them. Here is a useful video which will provide you with more information on the topic: