It’s Finally Discovered What Causes Lung Cancer! You Won’t Believe It When You Read What This Is About!

Regardless of whether you live in a village or a big city, any area near industrial zones is bad for your health. Finding peace and harmony in the mountains is always a better option.

Living in a polluted city may harm your health, and you run at a greater risk of developing lung cancer.


Smoking, smog, genetics, and working in mines are not the only causes of lung cancer. It may sound strange to you, but the air you breathe is one of the major causes of lung cancer.

In other words, the altitude you live on is really important. By altitude we refer to sea levels. The air in lowlands is a lot thicker, meaning richer in oxygen. This is no way beneficial, but rather dangerous to your body.

Oxygen is described as pretty unusual element. Human bodies convert food into energy. However, oxidation is actually a metabolic process in which free radicals flood the body, and these cause cancer.

These reactive atoms can trigger an immense chaos in the body, alter your DNA, and even mutate cells. This is known as cancer, right? Your lungs are the first organs that get affected by oxygen, which means they are more likely to develop cancer.

This may sound awful, but it is regarded as a totally natural process. But, consider moving to higher altitudes above sea level to reduce your risk of developing lung cancer. Spend more time in the mountains, as the air there is a lot thinner.

In that way your lungs will not spread in dangerous aspect, and you will get them working at full speed. They will not have that much oxygen to fight against.

American scientists have revealed that the number of patients diagnosed with lung cancer decreases in every 1,000 meters of altitude above sea level.


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