Brittle Hair or Nails? Headaches or CRAMPS? Bumps or Acne? You Likely Have THIS Deficiency

Different mineral and vitamin deficiencies can lead to a variety of health issues provided through several symptoms indicated on particular parts of the body. But how to tell which symptom is related to which deficiency?

Mineral Deficiency

Mineral Deficiency

Presenting you the meaning of the most common symptoms which can clearly state you what vitamin or mineral you need to increase on with consumption.

Muscle cramps or headaches can be a result of magnesium deficiency

Magnesium as the most common mineral is a really essential nutrient for the function of the nervous system. It not only helps you relax nerves and tense muscles, but can alleviate headaches and muscle cramping too.

In order to increase the magnesium intake, you should include more green leafy veggies like collards greens or kale in your nutrition and boost your daily requirements.

At the same time, Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and easily absorbed through the skin. Don’t forget to include it in your baths.

Are you experiencing acne issues? This can be due to an oily and inflamed skin, and a result of zinc deficiency

Since zinc is the mineral that helps in the regeneration of skin cells, soothes the inflamed skin and speeds up the healing process.

At the same time it inhibits the 5-alpha-reductase activity – the one responsible for the pimple-promoting form of acne. Including at least 30 milligrams of zinc in the daily nutrition will help you win a victory in the fight against acne. Raw pumpkin seeds are a preferable solution for increasing the zinc intake.

Are you experiencing brittle, dry and broken nails and hair? It appears you’re experiencing a Biotin deficiency

Biotin, which is the vitamin B7 in particular is the health of healthy and shiny looking hair, at the same time of hard nails.

It’s a mineral that can be found in many sources, therefore he deficiencies of it can be rare, but still not excluded. The most common symptoms of a deficiency of Biotin, include: hair loss, brittle hair, hair breakage, and brittle nails.

Stock up on foods rich in biotin and restore your health. Yet, don’t stop there, but proceed on the consumption in order to prevent these symptoms appear again.

However, thinning hair and hair breakage should not be a result of biotin deficiency only, but iron deficiency too

Since iron helps to carry oxygen to and through every cell of the body, even the hair follicles, it’s no wonder that the deficiency of it will leave the hair thin and lifeless looking. Anemia, which indicated low levels of iron in the body can actually lead to hair loss.

Have you noticed some strange looking white bumps on the back of the arm and you have no idea how you got them. Well, taking regard that they might appear as a result of an essential fatty acid imbalance, you should start treating them by increasing the intake of fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids with their anti-inflammatory properties will not only reduce the inflammation of the bumps, but dissolve the build-up and prevent the hardening within the hair follicle.

Remember that nothing in the body occurs without a reason. What you need to do is to simply know what pulls the trigger on something and how to prevent it before it’s too late and you face even greater complications.


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